Angle Iron Shelves

In the design process of warehouse storage shelves, due to the load-bearing requirements, it is necessary to strengthen the stability of the shelf laminates to ensure that the shelf laminates can accept the gravity of the goods, which is used to strengthen the stability and load-bearing of the stable laminates.

Reinforcing ribs are commonly used in laminate shelves and angle steel shelves, especially angle iron shelves, because angle iron shelves are designed to carry a low load, and the load of angle steel columns is limited. In order to ensure the safety and stability of the shelf, the reinforcement rib is made An essential component of the angle steel shelf. Intuitively speaking, the ribs can ensure that the appearance of the angle iron shelves will not be squeezed and deformed.

There are generally two ways to use reinforcing ribs in angle steel shelves, one is to place one side horizontally parallel to the edge lines at both ends of the laminate; the other is to place multiple sections perpendicular to the edge lines at both ends of the laminate. The first arrangement is suitable for the storage of small goods, which can save costs. The second type of placement is suitable for the placement of high-quality goods, with strong bearing capacity, more stability, and higher cost.

The ribs are usually welded at the bottom of the laminate and at both ends of the beam by multi-point welding to firmly fix the beam and the laminate. Ribs and laminates are matched, and usually one or more ribs are required for a laminate.

Ribs are always auxiliary components in the use of shelves, so the specifications are the same as the inclined beams of medium-sized shelves, and the cross-sectional area is mostly 20*40*1.2. Angle steel shelves higher than this specification exceed the load-bearing range of angle steel shelves, and do not increase the service life of the shelves. Medium-sized shelves can be considered.

Laminate shelf reinforcement ribs are rarely used. After using the reinforcement ribs, the laminate shelves will lose their detachable function, and the laminates will be fixed, which limits the adjustment of the cargo space and can only store a single cargo. Shelves are relatively rare in use, and the specifications of the laminate shelves also determine the strong bearing capacity of the laminate shelves without reinforcement.

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