Advantage of Warehouse Steel Platform Pallet Racking

Steel platform pallet racking can be divided into heavy duty and medium duty warehouse steel platform pallet racking. In the height space of the original warehouse, the steel platform is transformed into two story mezzanine rack, which increases the storage area.

warehouse pallet racking
warehouse pallet racking

Advantages of steel platform pallet racking

1. Fully assembled structure, easy to combine, install and disassemble at will.

2. The material section of the column, main beam and auxiliary beam is optimized, and the bearing capacity is strong.

3. The surface is treated with electrostatic powder spraying, and the appearance is beautiful.

4. According to the actual site needs, it can be flexibly designed as a two-storey or multi-storey building. It is suitable for storing multi-variety and small-batch goods, making full use of space.

5. The lower layer is in the form of a shelf, and the upper layer can be a platform or a shelf structure. The bottom shelf can store materials and support the floor, which is extremely flexible.

6. Meet the storage and centralized management needs of large quantities of goods and various categories, and meet the needs of manual storage and mechanical handling storage

7. The three-dimensional structure can make full use of the warehouse space, improve the utilization rate of warehouse capacity, and expand the storage capacity of the warehouse

8. The goods stored in the shelf do not squeeze each other, and the material loss is small, which can completely guarantee the function of the material itself and reduce the possible loss of the goods in the storage process.

9. The steel platform pallet racking can be made of wood or steel, and the floor can be made of special strip floor, patterned steel plate, grid plate or template to meet the storage needs of different goods in different occasions.

10. The steel platform pallet racking has a compact structure, beautiful appearance, and the materials used can be recycled. The cost is relatively low.

Reminder: steel platform pallet racking have requirements on the height of the warehouse, and are more suitable for smaller goods, manual access, and large storage capacity, and lighting, fire protection and other issues need to be considered.

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