Advantages And Applications of Heavy Duty Racks

radio shuttle racking

1. The carrying weight is relatively large, and the basic carrying capacity is more than 800KG. In many product storages, each cargo space of more than 1 ton can be easily matched. This is one of the reasons why many manufacturing and logistics enterprises are widely used.

2. The raw materials used for the shelves are also heavyweight. To meet the load-bearing requirements, you must choose high-quality steel. If you encounter a relatively low price, you must be careful.

1. Heavy-duty shelves can not only be used in conventional warehouses, but also in some large and relatively high warehouses, we often design and manufacture them for customers. Most of the heavy-duty shelves in ordinary warehouses are about 5 meters. In some large warehouses, the high-level shelves used in the warehouse can reach more than 15-25 meters, or even higher. Such heights put forward higher requirements for shelf manufacturing and installation. .

2. Heavy-duty shelves can also be used in cold storage. Such examples are not uncommon. However, the selection of materials is stricter than that of ordinary warehouses. The design should be based on the cold conditions, the characteristics of the goods, and the storage mode. All possible situations need to be taken into account. We are so rigorous. So for more than 10 years there has never been any problem.

  • How is the price of heavy duty shelves calculated?

The calculation of the shelf price of heavy-duty shelves is similar to that of many other shelves. Most of these shelves are calculated based on the location of the shelf. The price of each shelf is multiplied by the quantity and the cost of other factors to comprehensively obtain its price. If there is a price adjustment due to other factors, we will inform the customer in time and make an explanation.

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