Cantilever Shelf Anti-collision Installation Measures

Installation steps of cantilever rack

  1. Cantilever racks generally use special profiles as the base, and first weld two pieces of C-shaped steel back to back with connecting steel plates (reminder for BR storage shelves: the width of the connecting steel plate is the width of the column);
  2. After the two pieces of C-shaped steel are welded, it is necessary to connect the bolt eye at the position of the connecting column, which is convenient for connecting with the column;
  3. Finally, weld the bottom plate, which is convenient for the expansion bolt to connect with the ground.
cantilever shelves

BR Warehousing Shelving Center Offers Cantilever Racking Tips

The correct cantilever rack placement skills can better improve the overall economic profit of the enterprise and the overall performance of the warehouse. The cantilever rack placement skills are as follows:

  1. Side by side

Side by side is mainly for some large supermarkets. For large supermarkets, there are a variety of goods, so it is recommended to place them side by side when using cantilevered shelves, that is to say, multiple sets of cantilevered shelves need to be placed side by side, so that the goods in large supermarkets can present a rich variety Features, for customers, it can also have the characteristics of multiple options for goods, and at the same time, it also gives the goods more room for profit;

  1. Island layout

This placement technique is mainly associated with having a pillar in the center of the warehouse. Therefore, in order to better place the cantilevered shelves, BR Racking Center suggests: place the cantilevered shelves in a certain place in the warehouse so that they correspond to the columns. This placement can also effectively lower the columns. At the same time , no matter from any angle, every product can be displayed to every customer who comes in;

cantilever shelf
cantilever shelf
  1. Single line emission

The single-row launch technique is mainly to place a group of shelves in the middle, then place the shelves against the wall, and then display them in a U-shaped form. This placement technique is suitable for small warehouses, and it is more convenient to manage;

  1. Orientation placement

This way of placing cantilevered shelves is mainly to place the cantilevered shelves in one direction according to the order, which makes the warehouse look more orderly, and also reflects the overall meaning of the area. In order not to appear so messy, it also enables customers to Filter the products they want to buy faster.

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