Checking The Quality of Warehouse Racking Shelving

Heavy Duty Warehouse Racking Shelving have been widely used in all walks of life, including clothing, medical care, logistics, etc. With the promotion of these enterprises, the racking industry has also ushered in rapid development, but the accompanying problems have also appeared. Due to the lack of clear professional standards for warehouse racking, buyers are confused about the quality of the racking purchased and the acceptance standards. The following are the acceptance standards for quality warehouse shelving.

warehouse storage racks
warehouse storage racks
  1. The overall installation accuracy of the quality warehouse shelving: the vertical deviation of the shelf piece is not more than 10mm, the height deviation of the beam on the same layer is ±10mm, the deviation of the center distance between the bottom of the column of the adjacent shelf piece is ±2mm, and the misalignment deviation of the shelf piece in the same lane and the same row is not more than 5mm.
  2. The surface of the quality warehouse shelving is sprayed evenly, no damage or coating peeling off, and no oil stains. Sometimes it is unavoidable to bump the goods during transportation. If the original is not seriously distorted and deformed, it is normal to install accessories.
  3. When the shelves are accepted, check whether the shelves are neat and unified, firm and firm, and the accessories are complete.
  4. The installation of racks must be carried out according to the layout of the drawings, and the spacing of beams on each floor must be strictly in accordance with the dimensions given in the drawings.
  5. The welding seam on the quality warehouse shelving surface is a test of the production capacity of the shelf manufacturer. It must be uniform, and there should be no defects such as cracks, slag inclusions, welding flashes, burn-through, arc craters and needle-shaped pores. Careful observation must be made during acceptance. .
  6. Columns and beams are two important components of the racking, and they are long and need to be transported to the site by a logistics vehicle. If the packaging is not rigorous, there may be bending deformation or surface damage. Be sure to pay attention to it when accepting.
  7. Check the parts and joints where dust and water are likely to accumulate, as well as the corrosion conditions of the parts affected by alternating dry and wet. The damage and rust conditions of hidden parts should be one of the key inspection scopes.
  8. Confirm whether the received shelves are delivered according to the order, all kinds of accessories are complete, the color is according to the sample, and the packaging meets the requirements.
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