Customizing Heavy Storage Rack

Heavy Storage Rack is one of the basic equipment used in many warehouses. Depending on the goods stored in each warehouse, many storage racks need to be customized to make them more suitable for use. What should I pay attention to when I order a Heavy Storage Rack?

longspan racking
longspan racking
  1. In the use of pallet racks, according to the warehouse floor plan for specific Heavy Duty Storage rack are put to work, to avoid to produce a corner space such as waste, must be tidy and beautiful at the same time, can not affect the store and pick up the goods.
  2. Follow the principle of maximizing space utilization

The size and height of the warehouse in each factory are different, so we must try to expand the scope of use in the original area, so as to maximize the use. This is also very helpful to improve the utilization rate of the warehouse. Therefore, when ordering heavy duty warehouse racking, Be sure to measure against the size of the warehouse space to ensure that all the space is used to the maximum extent.

  1. It must meet the storage requirements

The basic mission of a Heavy Duty Storage Rack is to store goods, so it’s important to know exactly what you want to store when you design a Rack. For example, the basic specifications, weight and size of the goods and other basic data should be clear. But also to understand the specific way of access, such as card storage, or a variety of baskets for storage, or carton and so on. Then according to the specific collection of various data, and then combined, the subsequent design work.

In short, when we ordered Heavy Duty Storage Rack, it was very important for us to communicate with the customer and Storage Racks Manufacturers, because there were some deep requirements that we did not properly communicate with, and when we found them, It is likely to later Storage Racks construction have a greater impact.

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