Explore The Situation of the Storage Racks Factories

With the continuous advancement of storage racks factories technology, different types of products such as shuttle racks and automated three-dimensional warehouses have gradually entered the storage racking industry. The demand for automated and integrated storage shelves in the logistics industry and manufacturing industry is also increasing. This requires storage racks factories not only to do a good job of non-automatic and non-intelligent shelf performance, but also to continuously improve intelligent and automated storage shelves in response to market demand.

After the transition and development in recent years, the heavy duty racks for warehouse industry has formed a certain scale. BR RACKING analysis believes that the development of the heavy duty racks for warehouse industry has the following problems:

1. The market, sales and production of heavy duty racks for warehouse are prosperous in an all-round way

In recent years, the industries that demand heavy duty industrial racking have become more and more extensive, especially the industries such as automobiles, home appliances, books, retail, food and refrigeration have developed rapidly, and the demand for storage shelves of a single project has also increased.

2. The application of new products of heavy duty industrial racking is gradually expanding

Based on the analysis of sales experience, it is believed that 80% of the newly built automated three-dimensional warehouse storage shelves are about 20 meters high, and the combined storage shelves have become the dominant structure of high-rise storage shelves, and the application of welded storage shelves is decreasing. In order to adapt to the freezer storage shelves for storing special items, the application fields of anti-static storage shelves are also gradually expanding.

3. The internal strength of the enterprise is generally enhanced

At present, enterprises generally pay attention to design calculation, internal quality and installation quality of storage shelves, and attach importance to marketing work. Greatly enhanced the production capacity of the entire storage shelf industry.

4. User needs tend to be rational

In the construction of the logistics center in the field of commercial circulation, a warehouse construction mode consisting of automatic sorting and stacking, depalletizing, high-level storage shelves and tracked aisle stackers has been adopted.

5. Low-price competition and its hidden dangers

In recent years, the low-price competition in the storage shelf market has intensified. The production of storage shelves must stand the test of time and load. Too low quotations can only disrupt the normal price system and bring down the enterprise itself.

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