Full Structure of Mezzanine Floor Pallet Racking Systems

Fully assembled structure, special light steel structure floor, low cost and fast construction. It can be flexibly designed into two or three floors according to actual needs and sites, which can improve the ground utilization rate several times. It is suitable for storing small batches of multi-variety goods.

  1. The racks are usually composed of standard accessories such as uprights, beams, laminates, floor panels and guardrails and stairs.
  2. A. Upright piece: Two uprights 55*57*2.0 are connected by cross braces and diagonal braces with nylon self-locking bolts, which can effectively prevent the shelf from becoming unstable after the bolts are loosened. The pitch of the holes is 50mm, so the height of each layer can be adjusted up and down in units of 50mm when the beam is hung on the column.
  3. The section of the column is composed of 7 faces. Due to the technology of “automatic punching first and then cold bending”, the crack failure of the column that may be caused by the stress concentration of the column is completely avoided.
  4. B. Beam: Two column clamps and beams of 50*30*1.5 are welded together. The beams are made of special cold-rolled P-type closed beams. This structure is simple and reliable, light in weight, strong in bearing capacity and low in cost. Features. When the column clamp is connected with the column, it is equipped with a specially designed safety pin; it can ensure that the beam will not fall off after being hit by an external force;
  5. C. Laminate: The most popular plastic-sprayed steel laminate in the world is 0.7mm plastic-sprayed steel laminate (two plates and two ribs), which has the characteristics of strong bearing capacity, wear resistance, simple replacement and low maintenance cost.
  6. D. Floor plate: It is made of patterned steel plate or flat plate by cold rolling into the form of gusset plate, which is directly fixed on the floor support beam with drill tail nails.
  7. E. Guardrail: conventional H=1200mm.
  8. F. Stairs (slope is generally 45 degrees), width 800-1200mm.
  • The technical indicators of warehouse shelving components

A. Column:

  1. (1) The accumulative error of the full-length adjustment hole distance of the column is not more than ±2mm, and the error of the adjacent hole distance is less than 0.02mm;
  2. (2) The limit deviation of the full length of the shelf is not more than 2mm;
  3. (3) The bending error of the column sheet is less than L/1000 mm;
  4. (4) The vertical deviation between the column and the installation ground is less than L/1000mm;

B. Beam:

  1. (1) The length and dimension error of the beam is less than 0.5mm;
  2. (2) The height error at both ends of the beam after assembly is less than 2mm;
  3. (3) When the shelf beam reaches the required maximum load, the beam deflection is not greater than L/200, and the safety factor is not less than 1.5.

C. Mezzanine Floor Pallet Racking Systems standard accessories

  1. (1), column connecting bolt M10*65 (95), with nylon self-locking nut, origin Taiwan Jinyi company
  2. (2), safety pin ¢5mm
  • Strength index of component material
  1. All the components of the shelves are made of Baosteel raw materials and cold-rolled profiles. The strength indicators are as follows:
  2. Strength index of cold-rolled profiles for shelves (N/mm2)
  3. Steel No. Yield Point Tensile Strength Depth-Length Ratio (L=50: B=25)
  4. SPHC 205 270 ≥29
  5. SS400 ≥245 400-510 ≥21
  • The manufacturing process:

Raw material (coil)→cold-rolled forming→fixed length, flat head→punching (welding)→correction→surface spraying→packaging→finished product

  • Surface treatment:
  1. Process flow: black blank → remove surface dirt → chemical rust removal → phosphating → plastic spraying → leveling curing → finished product
  2. The surface treatment of the shelf adopts the epoxy resin powder electrostatic spraying process, and the coating thickness is 60~80 microns;
  3. The adhesion of electrostatic powder spraying meets the requirements of grade 0 in the GB92865-88 standard;
  4. The hardness (abrasion resistance) is more than 100 times that of ordinary nitro paint, which meets the 2H requirement in the GB6739-86 standard;
  5. Corrosion resistance (hydrochloric acid test) GB1771-91 is more than 500 hours.
  • The requirements of the shelf for warehouse construction:
  1. The warehouse building must meet the basic requirements of ventilation, lighting, fire protection, and smooth logistics;
  2. The requirements of the shelves for the warehouse floor surface,

Before the Mezzanine Floor Pallet Racking Systems is installed, the allowable deviation of the ground flatness shall meet the requirements of the following table

Length and width (m) Allowable deviation (mm)

Less than or equal to 50 ±10

Less than or equal to 150 ±15

Greater than 150 ±20

(2) In the shelf area, the settlement deformation of the shelf foundation floor should be less than L/1000.

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