Get Rid of Warehouse Clutter With Cantilever Racks

Cantilever storage shelves are named for the cantilever that protrudes from the shelf. Cantilever shelves can be divided into single-arm and double-arm, and can also be said to be single-sided and double-sided cantilever. It is mainly used to store wood, pipes, strips and other similar products, and it is very friendly to irregular goods.

cantilever pallet rack shelving
cantilever pallet rack shelving

Cantilever shelves reflect the continuous refinement of enterprises’ demand for storage equipment, resulting in more and more types of shelves and equipment. Cantilever racks can be composed of a single column unit and a cantilever through horizontal tie rods, diagonal tie rods, etc. to continuously form multiple unit systems. The column sheet is composed of a column and a base, and the column is formed by butt welding of two specially designed C-shaped steels. This structure makes full use of the anti-load capacity of the material, and has the characteristics of large load capacity and low cost.

Cantilever shelves are mostly used in machinery manufacturing industries and building materials supermarkets. After adding shelves, it is especially suitable for warehouses with small space and low height. It is easy to manage, has a wide field of vision, and has a higher utilization rate than ordinary shelves. Pipes, plates, irregular-shaped goods, long shafts, and special-shaped goods can all be used.

BR RACKING Intelligent Storage Industrial Park has introduced advanced cantilever equipment and specially set up a cantilever rack production line. Its workmanship is exquisite and its quality is excellent. BR cantilever racks are sold all over the country and abroad, and have planned projects for several large warehouses. BR can also arrange suitable shelves according to the weight, purpose and shape of the goods. This approach can not only save space, standardize and standardize the management of warehouse materials, but also can be matched with other equipment, which can improve the efficiency of material circulation and reduce storage and transportation. Cost, increase economic benefits, improve the mechanization level of material circulation, and reduce unnecessary labor output.

Metal Shelves Cantilever Rack
Metal Shelves Cantilever Rack

The BR cantilever rack adopts a combined type, which is easy to disassemble and adjust, safe and reliable. The space utilization rate is higher than that of ordinary shelves, and the management of warehouse materials is standardized. Adjustable columns are used to adjust the spacing between partitions or increase or decrease partitions according to actual needs. The storage and withdrawal of goods can be carried out by a forklift, the design is simple, the height is adjustable, the storage and withdrawal of goods are convenient, and 100% random picking can be achieved, which can be called a universal shelf!

Finally, summarize a few characteristics for cantilever shelves:

  1. All adopt combined type, which is easy and convenient to disassemble, transport, adjust and move, safe and reliable;
  2. Adjustable columns are used to adjust the distance between partitions or increase or decrease partitions according to actual needs;
  3. The space utilization rate is higher than that of ordinary shelf shelves, which standardizes the management of warehouse materials;
  4. The cantilever can be single arm or double arm, and the length can be customized according to the site conditions;
  5. The goods are conveniently stored and withdrawn by forklifts, driving or manually, and 100% random selection can be achieved.
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