Heavy Duty Industrial Racking The Main and Sub Rack

As we all know, heavy duty industrial racking are assembled into a rack structure by multiple components. We are used to quoting the main rack and sub rack. What is the concept of the main rack and sub rack of storage racks? Below we will explain in detail what the main rack and sub rack in the heavy duty industrial racking refer to.

Like the shelf column pieces, it can usually be shared, that is, like two sets of shelves, which are connected to each other, then the first shelf, the necessary column pieces on the left and right sides, can be used independently, which is called the main shelf, and the adjacent second shelf, One side of the upright piece does not need to be used, it is directly placed on the upright piece of the first shelf, and only one side of the upright piece is needed, which is called the sub-frame.

It can be seen from this that the main frame has uprights on both sides, and the sub-frame has only one side of the uprights. The main frame can be used and moved alone, but the sub-frame cannot be used or moved alone, it must be connected with the same type of shelf. use.

warehouse pallet racking
warehouse pallet racking

Heavy duty pallet racks are connected in a row, each row of racks only needs one main rack, and the others are sub racks.

If the warehouse space allows, there is no need to disconnect in the middle, then the main and auxiliary shelves can be spliced ​​without restriction.

The number of main racks in the rack can be divided into as many rows.

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