Heavy Duty Shelves Will Change Your Warehouse Storage

The old-fashioned storage method now seems to be a lot of inconvenience. The specifications of the light shelf column of the warehouse racking manufacturers are: 30501.0C steel, automatic rolling mill rolling, punching punching, and then cutting according to the height specified by the customer. The light-duty shelf laminate is made of high-quality cold plate, which is made by flattening, slitting, bending and welding. Heavy-duty storage shelves are assembled from columns, beams, transverse braces, diagonal braces and self-locking bolts, which can effectively prevent the shelf from becoming unstable after the bolts are loosened; the beams are made of special cold-rolled P-type closed beams; the structure is simple, reliable, and lightweight. Light, strong bearing capacity and low cost; the column clamp is connected with the column with a special design safety pin, which can ensure that the beam will not fall off under the impact of external force; the laminate adopts the international strip laminate, which has a bearing capacity Strong, wear-resistant, easy to replace and low maintenance cost. For small businesses, the warehouse space is not large. When there is more than one piece of cargo, it needs to be stacked everywhere in order to store as much as possible. Some goods in the corners of the year are prone to mold and moisture damage. After using heavy duty racks, there is a big difference. The warehouse will become brighter and neater. The goods can be neatly placed on the shelves separately, the lower layer can be ventilated, not directly adjacent to the ground, and the occurrence of damp can also be reduced. Goods will be stored better and losses will be reduced.

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Old-fashioned warehouses have limited storage. Some goods are easily crushed after being placed. Even if some heavy goods are not afraid of pressure, the accumulated amount of storage is limited. If the pile is too high, it is easy to accidentally collapse and slide, which brings safety hazards. Warehouse workers also struggled to obtain goods, often requiring several people to complete. These annoyances can be eliminated by using heavy duty racks, and using a forklift to complete goods in and out does not require much labor. Moreover, the layered placement, shelf stability and load-carrying capacity are also very good, and will not cause the collapse of the goods. Each layer of goods can be well ventilated and moisture-proof, which greatly reduces the consumption of goods.

The inventory of the old warehouse is difficult to accurately control the inventory, because the inventory is disordered, and there are too many goods entering and leaving the warehouse every day, which is disorganized. Many accumulated inventories do not count well unless the warehouse is cleared out at regular intervals and goods are removed so that specific items can be counted. Inadvertently, it will also cause the loss of goods in the warehouse of the enterprise, and may also cause losses. After using the heavy shelves, you can even count the goods every day. The same type of goods together, the quantity is also easy to calculate. This way, there is much better control over all shipments, which reduces the loss of shipments due to failure to account for them in time.

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heavy pallet racking

Therefore, the role of heavy duty racks in warehouse storage is still very large. If businesses want to expand their warehouse, they can continue to add shelves, or add mezzanine rack and expand the space on the basis of the warehouse rack. These are very helpful for the storage of goods in the warehouse, which is convenient for enterprise management and can have a good understanding of the condition of the goods.

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