How to Choose The Shelves For Large Supermarkets

We all know that large supermarkets have a wide variety of products in quantity and variety. If the shelves are not selected correctly, it will greatly affect the shopping environment of the supermarket and people’s desire to shop. So how to choose and place the grocery shelves of large supermarkets?

slotted angle racks
slotted angle racks
  • Different products choose different shelves

There are many kinds of commodities in supermarkets, and we should choose the corresponding supermarket shelves to display according to the categories of commodities.

  • The different cargos’ placement on the shelf

Commodities on supermarket shelves, according to browsing habits, should usually be arranged vertically. Because people prefer to browse products from the top down rather than from the left to the right. The product exposure rate of each layer of the supermarket shelf is different. Usually, the sales volume of the products on the 3rd/4th floor of the 5th floor of the supermarket shelf is the highest. Because this height is exactly the average height of the line of sight. Therefore, when placing goods, it is necessary to make good use of this golden position on the supermarket shelves, reasonably adjust the goods, and appropriately place the unpopular goods in the golden position to test their attractiveness and increase sales.

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