How To Choose The Type of Industrial Racks Manufacturers

Nowadays industrial racks manufacturers use the custom shelf model, but it is not a simple matter to choose industrial heavy duty racking, especially for customers who do not understand pallet racking, it is very difficult to choose a suitable one from the complex types of shelves. , let’s talk about how to choose industrial heavy duty racking.

heavy duty pallet racks
heavy duty pallet racks

Choose the one that suits the characteristics of your warehouse

so before buying, you must plan it yourself, or let the professional technicians of the industrial racks manufacturers customize it for you, so that the utilization rate of your warehouse will be greatly increased. It will also reduce the possibility of future problems that may arise.

The stability of storage racks

The wide application of rack steel structure systems highlights the importance and urgency of stability research. Since there are many uncertain factors in the design, construction and use of the steel structure system of industrial heavy duty pallet racking, it is necessary to introduce reliability analysis.

Process problems

The formed black parts of the pallet racks should go through multiple links such as degreasing, rust removal, pretreatment, phosphating, passivation, electrostatic spraying, and high temperature curing. The quality of the powder is also good and bad. Generally, each shelf company has standard colors, and the cost of spraying standard colors is generally low. If you use a special color, changing the powder will increase the construction period and waste powder, so the cost will be relatively high.

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