How To Understand The Main Rack and Add-on Rack?

Heavy Duty Steel Storage Rack is composed of columns, beams, laminates and other components. Generally, rack manufacturers are accustomed to introducing and quoting in the form of main racks and sub-racks. For customers who have not been exposed to Heavy Duty Steel Storage Rack, these two terms may be relatively unfamiliar. Let us introduce the concepts and differences between these two terms.

heavy pallet racking
heavy pallet racking

Before introducing, let’s take a look at the complete structure of Heavy Pallet Racking. A complete set of Heavy Pallet Racking is composed of two columns, multiple beams (more than 4), corresponding laminates and some accessories. Although the overall structure of the rack is simple but stable, this is a complete set of Heavy Pallet Racking. Pallet Racking.

After understanding the overall structure of Heavy Pallet Racking, we will find that when two sets of shelves are installed at the same time and they are combined, one set of shelves only needs a piece of upright, and the other end of the beam can be directly installed to a set of shelves On the column, and this is the sub-rack in Heavy Duty Shelving Racks, a set of shelves composed of two complete columns is the main rack. Because the sub-frame lacks a piece of column, it can only be used by the main frame, and the main frame can be used alone.

By combining the main rack and the sub rack, it can save part of the space of the warehouse, and at the same time, it can save the cost of the column piece of the sub rack, and reduce the use cost. Moreover, after multiple sets of shelves are connected together in this way, their stability will be greatly increased.

At present, most Heavy Duty Shelving Racks on the market are used in conjunction with the main and sub-racks. The difference is that the structure is different, and the principle is the same. Therefore, when we buy a shelf to get a quotation, we must ask the manufacturer whether the price given by the racking manufacturer is the price of the main shelf or the price of the combination of the main rack and sub-rack.

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