How to Use The Foldable Storage Cage Correctly

The foldable storage cage and the foldable butterfly cage have the advantages of fixed storage capacity, neat stacking, clear storage, easy inventory count, etc., and also improve the effective utilization of storage space. In addition, the product is sturdy and durable, easy to transport, and can be reused, which can effectively reduce the labor consumption and packaging cost of warehousing enterprises. Butterfly cages can not only be used in factory production workshops, but also in supermarkets as display promotions and storage. Butterfly cages with different designs can be placed on shelves, assembly lines, or stacked: butterfly cages with wheels can be easily and quickly turned around in the workshop, and butterfly cages with PVC or iron plates can prevent small items from being lost.

wire mesh container
wire mesh container

Folding storage cages must be handled by handling machinery. The machinery that can handle storage cage includes forklifts (including counterweights and reach forklifts), hydraulic pallet trucks, storage cage trolleys, battery tractors, etc. In order to improve the handling efficiency, two warehouse cages can be stacked together for handling, but when handling in this way, attention must be paid to the load-bearing of the handling machinery and the speed when turning. It is absolutely forbidden to stack three or more storage cages together, because doing so will not only damage the storage cages, but more importantly, it is too dangerous.

There are mainly three specifications of national standard storage cages, and general customers will choose from these three specifications according to their own load-bearing conditions when purchasing. Of course, there are also some customers who specially customize some non-standard storage cages, which can also be customized in our factory. of.
Below are the dimensions of three standard storage cages, as follows

  • 800*600*640mm Wire diameter 6mm Mesh 50X50 Weight 30kg Load 800kg
  • 1000*800*840mm wire diameter 6mm mesh 50X50 weight 45kg load 1200kg
  • 1200*1000*890mm Wire diameter 6mm Mesh 50X50 Weight 60kg Load 1500kg

The above are the commonly used size specifications at home and abroad, the surface treatment of storage cages is cold galvanized, and the special specifications are processed and customized.

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