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Industrial cantilever racks are an important type of storage racking. Industrial cantilever racks are suitable for storing long materials, ring materials, sheets, pipes or irregular goods. The cantilever can be divided into single-sided and double-sided. The cantilever storage rack has the characteristics of firm structure, good pressure resistance and high space utilization. The information that needs to be told to the manufacturer when ordering the cantilever storage rack can be started from two aspects:

Metal Shelves Cantilever Rack
Metal Shelves Cantilever Rack

First, the cantilever rack system is usually made of two materials

  1. Use square tube to make: According to the corresponding cantilever layer load requirements, the cantilever rack should first select the square tube that meets the layer load requirements, cut it into the required size, weld the anti-skid guard plate at one end, and weld the U-shaped column connector at the other end. make form.
  2. Made of C-shaped steel: According to the corresponding cantilever layer load requirements, the cantilever rack is first selected as the standard of c-shaped steel. After selection, two pieces of c-shaped steel are butt welded. After welding, one end is welded with a non-slip guard plate, and the other end is welded Connect the U-shaped column connector.
    The cantilever rack column and the column are connected by connecting rods, and the connecting rods are generally made of rectangular tubes. In order to increase safety and stability, add a flat iron back pull on the connecting rod and use a special puller to lock the column tightly. All cantilever rack components are semi-finished products after production, which will be sprayed in the final process. Before spraying, degreasing and rust removal are carried out, and then spraying is carried out. Packed and shipped after completion.

Then, we can tell cantilever rack manufacturers what materials to choose, what kind of production engineering, what kind of cost input, etc. according to our own conditions

According to the shape, purpose, length, etc. of the racks we need, we can discuss with cantilever rack manufacturers about the specifics. There are the following basic standards:

  1. It is only suitable for the storage of long strips and long rolls.
  2. It needs to be equipped with handling equipment with a wide fork distance, such as a side-type forklift with a large fork distance.
  3. The shelf height is limited, usually below 6m.
  4. The space utilization rate is low, about 35%-50%.
  5. Storage type: long strips and long rolls.
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