Light Duty Shelves With Higher Load Capacity

Light duty shelving is a warehouse-style steel plate shelf suitable for small warehouses, enterprise warehouses, supermarket warehouses and other places. It is made of high-quality cold plates and steel plates. The columns are designed with butterfly holes, and the beams are designed with grooves. It Combined with the latch, the distance between the shelves can be adjusted up and down from 55MM. Haifa light storage rack has the characteristics of beautiful appearance, simple assembly, high load-bearing, stability and durability. Using advanced CNC equipment, automated High-frequency mechanical arm welding and multi-process processing to cut products. Both shelf columns and shelves are welded with reinforcement ribs, each layer can bear a weight of 150kg, and can be connected by multiple groups through the construction method of the main frame and auxiliary frame.

light duty shelving
light duty shelving

The size of Light duty shelving products is H2000MM * W1500MM * D500MM, the specifications can be infinitely expanded through multiple sets of connections, the common colors are white and blue, and the column feet are designed with support points to ensure that the shelf is more stable and safe. All kinds of shelves support customization . You can customize the shelf style, specification, color, etc. according to your needs.

Light duty shelving introduction by GreatShelving

Featured of Higher Load Capacity Light Duty Shelving

  1. Made of cold-rolled steel plate, high load-bearing, durable, long service life, moisture-proof and rust-proof;
  2. The design of the butterfly hole of the column is inserted into the groove of the beam. The light shelf does not need screws, and the installation is convenient and fast, and it is more stable;
  3. The back of the laminate is reinforced with W-shaped ribs, which has higher bearing capacity and more stable stress, and the spacing between the laminates can be adjusted for convenient storage;
  4. The column is welded with reinforcing ribs, the frame is more stable, the bearing capacity is stronger, and the high-frequency welding joint is round and solid;
  5. The shelf can be infinitely expanded and connected into multiple groups, the bottom support point is fixed, and the main frame and auxiliary frame are more stable and safe.
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