Pallet Selection For Heavy Duty Pallet Racking

Heavy duty industrial racking manufacturers for warehouse practical application. In the purchase of pallets, there are two options of single-sided and double-sided pallets. The selection of single-sided pallets or double-sided pallets should be determined according to the corresponding storage, loading, unloading and handling equipment and state (such as library type, shelf type, stacking or placement state).

drive through racking
drive through racking

Static load refers to the maximum weight of the plastic tray under Z in stacking. General light series pallets can bear 1 ton, standard series pallets can bear 4 tons, heavy series pallets can bear 6-8 tons; Shelf bearing refers to the maximum Z weight allowed when the goods packed in plastic pallets are placed on the shelf.

We must pay attention to the difference between dynamic load, static load and shelf bearing capacity. The different carrying capacity is closely related to shelf structure, environmental temperature and storage cycle. The general standard series of tray flexure has certain requirements. The national standard of flexure is Z 30mm, but this standard is obviously wide. Hercules recommends using plastic trays with a deflection of no more than 20mm on the shelves. If it is an automatic stereo library, the flexure requirements are more strict.

For automatic stereoscopic storehouse or high level pallet racking with small floor area, mainly used for vertical handling by stacker or electric forklift, double-sided heavy duty series pallets and single-sided standard series pallets can be selected.

Requirements for pallet bearing capacity:

Dynamic load refers to the maximum weight that can be lifted by using electric forklift trucks or manual hydraulic pallet haulers at a time. General light series can bear 0.5 tons, standard series can bear 1 ton, heavy series can bear 1.5-2 tons; If the load on the pallet racking reaches one ton, and there is no plank or shelf in the middle of the shelf, it must be used heavy pallet series.

In the occasion of large area and horizontal transportation, if the manual hydraulic truck is suitable for single-sided pallet; If carried by electric forklift, single-sided pallets and double-sided pallets are suitable; If you need to stack the goods, that is, the bottom of the pallet and the top of the bottom of the goods coincide with each other, then use double-sided pallets or single-sided pallets of the field type; If it is carried by a self-propelled pallet carrier, the nine-foot single-sided pallet without a connecting strip at the bottom.

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