Precautions for Ordering Medium Duty Longspan Racking

Medium duty longspan racking are all customizable. The following points need to be paid attention to when ordering longspan racking.

Industrial Storage Rack
Industrial Storage Rack

1. Understand the average load of each layer

Think about what you plan to put on the longspan racking in the future, how to plan, estimate how many things can be put on each layer, and then calculate the load capacity of each layer. Load bearing is a direct factor that directly determines the selection of materials for shelf column beams.

2. Pre-calculate the shelf size

According to your own needs or the limitations of the site, conceive or measure how many sets of shelves you need and the specifications of each set of shelves. Medium duty longspan racking all adopt the combination of one main and multiple auxiliary. A group of medium duty longspan racking is composed of 2 pieces of uprights, and 2 groups of medium duty longspan racking only need to be composed of 3 pieces of uprights. That is, a row of medium duty shelves is more economical, and the price of an independent column piece will be more.

3. Consider the site situation

Check the site conditions of the workshop or warehouse, such as fire hydrant fire exits, building columns, doors, and pedestrian passages.

As long as the three points mentioned above are considered, a professional medium longspan racking manufacturer can design a reasonable plan for you at the first time, saving you the time of repeated measurement work and consultation.

Related product recommendation:

1. Medium-volume C-shaped shelf: carrying 150KG~800KG/layer This medium-sized shelf is the shelf with the largest bearing range and the best stability. It adopts polygonal columns

2. Medium-volume B-type shelf: carrying 150KG~550KG/layer This medium-sized shelf is beautiful and elegant, and adopts C-shaped steel column, which has good stability and high cost performance.

3. Medium-volume A-type shelf: carrying 150KG~300KG/layer This medium-sized shelf is suitable for use as a display stand. There is no diagonal brace to allow the goods to be seen at a glance, but the overall stability of the shelf is sacrificed.

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