Precautions For The Use of Heavy Duty Warehouse Rack Shelving

  1. The use of warehouse rack shelving should be prevented from being top-heavy: the principle of placing light goods at the top and heavy goods at the bottom should be implemented.
  2. Warehouse rack shelving should be used to prevent overloading: the weight of each layer of goods stored should not exceed the maximum load of the shelf design
  3. The use of warehouse rack shelving should prevent super high and super wide: the height and width of the shelves have been limited, and the size of the pallets and goods should be slightly smaller than the clear space of 105mm.
  4. Warehouse rack shelving should be used to prevent collisions: during the operation of the forklift, it should be handled as gently as possible
  5. The use of warehouse rack shelving should prevent the use of non-standard floor boards (cardboards) on the shelves.
  6. Warehouse rack shelving when the height of the goods exceeds eight meters, a special attention is that it needs to have a corresponding loading and unloading machinery. The total amount of channel area required is large, so the storage density is smaller than other systems.
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