Rationalization Of Warehouse Layout

Based on years of experience in warehouse design and production, the BR RACKING factory provides customers with suggestions on how to rationalize the layout of the warehouse:

drive in pallet racking
drive in pallet racking

Improve storage density and improve warehouse utilization.

The main purpose is to reduce the order of storage facilities and improve the utilization rate of unit storage area to reduce costs and reduce land occupation. There are three types of methods.

1. Adopt the method of high stacking to increase the height of storage. The specific methods are, the use of high-rise shelf warehouse racking, the use of containers, etc. can greatly increase the storage height compared with the general stacking method.

2. Reduce the width of the aisle in the warehouse to increase the effective storage area. Specifically, the narrow alley-type channel is used, and the track-type loading and unloading vehicles are used to reduce the width requirements of the vehicles. The side forklifts and push-pull forklifts are used to reduce the forklift turning needs.

3. Reduce the number of channels in the warehouse to increase the effective area of storage. The specific requirements include the use of intensive shelves, the use of detachable shelves that can be loaded into the car, the use of various through-type shelves, and the use of bridge crane loading and unloading technology that does not allow aisle. .

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