Relevant Issues About Choosing High Density Racking Manufacturers

High density racking are essential equipment in warehouses, and their importance can be imagined. The following is a list of issues related to the installation of High density racking and beams by BR Racking.

High density racking manufacturers

warehouse pallet racking
warehouse pallet racking

1. What specifications are used for the columns of the warehouse pallet racking

2. What material is the column made of?

3. Which material is used for the beam;

4. How long can the beam be used for a long time?

Each layer of beams should be able to bear multiple weights. It is best to know the length of the beams for how long it will be used. If you want to be longer and taller, you must customize a longer beam length to achieve this effect. The longer the length of the beam, the more important the load is, so the beam generally uses two shorter columns as the main force-bearing parts of the column, and the width of the column section is equal to its length.

The depth and clearance of the beam section should meet the following requirements:
1) When the bearing capacity of the ultra-deep rectangular beam is more than 75%, it is recommended to choose high-quality steel structural beams.
2) When it exceeds 10mm, it can be pulled out with expansion screws to reduce the span of the beam to the limit.
3) For overweight cargo, pull it down with expansion screws to prevent damage.
4) How to plan and determine the cross-section of the beam, if you have no special needs, you can contact the shelf manufacturer for measurement.
5) For the design specification of the beam, in addition to the standard size, it also needs to be customized according to the actual situation of the customer’s site. Generally speaking, the load of each layer of medium-sized shelves is usually less than 80kg, and the load of each layer of warehouse pallet racking is generally 250kg, so the choice of column specifications is tailored according to the specific requirements of customers.

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