Safety Tips During The Operation of Warehouse Shelving

With the rapid development of the warehousing industry, more and more storage shelves are being used. Heavy duty warehouse shelving are indispensable equipment in warehouses, logistics, distribution centers and other industries. In order to ensure their safety in use, we need to avoid some improper operations.

heavy duty racking system
heavy duty racking system
  • Prevent storage shelves from being hit

In the warehouse, many heavy goods need to be handled by forklifts. During the handling of the forklift, it is easy to collide with the storage shelves. It should be handled as gently as possible to reduce the impact between the forklift and the shelf, and anti-collision guardrails should be installed to minimize the impact.

  • Prevent overloading of goods on the shelves

  We usually buy heavy duty warehouse shelving with the same weight according to the weight of the goods, so when storing the goods, we should avoid overloading storage, otherwise it may cause deformation of the shelves, thus prolonging its service life;

  • Prevent top-heavy shelves

  The principle of placing goods on the heavy duty warehouse shelving is to place heavy goods on the lower layers and light goods on the upper layers, which will help the stability of the shelves, otherwise it is easy to cause the phenomenon of shelf dumping;

  • Prevent the shelf from being super high and super wide

Many goods are relatively light and large in size. If they are placed on the shelf, they will be super high and super wide. This situation will also cause some danger. Therefore, after the size of the goods changes, the size of the shelf should be changed in time to avoid super wide. high storage;

  • The beams and columns of the storage shelves should be replaced in time

  If the beams and columns are found to be damaged during the use of the shelf, or after a certain number of years of use, they should be replaced in time to avoid causing greater harm.

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