Select The Double Deep Pallet Racking

Storage racking are the most frequently used tools in the warehouse. With the continuous increase of the types of goods in the warehouse and the continuous changes in the shape of the goods, the types of corresponding shelves are gradually enriched. All kinds of storage racking It has been researched by people, and the double deep storage racking is one of them.

drive in pallet racking
drive in pallet racking

Introduction of double deep storage racking

The double deep storage racking is an upgraded version of the heavy duty industrial racking. It is a shelf extended from the heavy-duty shelf. In fact, its structure is also very simple. The reason why this shelf is born is to cooperate with a special forklift. Compared with ordinary racks, double deep storage racking save a forklift aisle, so in the same warehouse area, double deep storage racking can store more products. Under normal circumstances, it is suitable for companies and enterprises with more goods to be used together with the corresponding forklifts. Widely used in tobacco, food and beverage, packaging and other industries, the specifications of such shelves can also be appropriately changed according to customer needs.

Features of double deep storage racking

1. The height of the beam is low, and the operating height can reach 8 meters.

2. Moderate inventory flow, providing 50% optionality.

3. It is suitable for warehouses with low pickup rate, and the ground utilization rate can reach 42%.

4. The double deep storage racking series is derived from heavy-duty beam-type shelves with simple structure and high storage capacity.

5. Effectively alleviate the storage requirements that ordinary beam-type shelves cannot meet. Double the inventory of selective pallet racks, but it needs to be equipped with a special forklift, and the forklift channel needs to be about 3.3 meters.

6. In a warehouse of the same area, compared with the single-deep racks, because there are 4 sets of racks in parallel, the channel position is reduced, and each storage line can store more than double the pallets, so the inventory is larger than the single-deep racks. .

7. Since there are two rows of goods in the picking direction of the stacker forks, a special forward-moving stacker (some called a three-way forklift) must be used. The stacker forks generally use 5-level forks. .

8. For the storage and retrieval of goods in the rear row, it is the same as the drive-in rack. Only after the corresponding goods in the front row can be taken away or shifted, the access operation can be carried out. It is difficult for the shelves to be first in first out. Row of shelves.

9. When the goods are shipped, try to remove the front and rear goods at one time. If there are too many cases that cannot be removed at one time, it may affect the inventory utilization rate or warehouse operation efficiency (requires frequent warehouse operations).

10. The construction cost per card slot is the lowest cost shelf system among all three-dimensional warehouse systems.

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