Several Light Duty Shelving Designs

Light duty boltless shelving generally refer to the cabinets, racks, boxes and other appliances that display and place the products to be sold in the near future in the business hall of the store. In recent years, in order to adapt to the new situation and improve their competitiveness, stores in various places have made efforts to generally adjust the display effect of the business hall. Some major commodity display devices such as shelves and counters have been refitted, and some have been purchased. The new cabinets make the business hall look brand new.

light duty shelving
light duty shelving

Displaying goods on the Light duty boltless shelving makes full use of the business space compared to setting up a stall. The purpose is to arrange the goods in an orderly manner, so that customers can see it at a glance, convey the information of the goods to the customers as quickly as possible, and stimulate and strengthen the determination to purchase through the perceptual display of the goods; It is also a basic operating facility for salespeople to provide high-level services to customers. Whether it is a cabinet rack, a cabinet rack, a box rack, a boom rack, etc., they are all used to place different commodities, which are convenient for customers to choose. A group of Light duty boltless shelving separates different varieties for sale and forms a sales team, so that customers can follow the channel network formed by the shelves as soon as they enter the store business hall, and see the dazzling variety of goods that the store operates. Sales and services are done directly with customers in front of the shelf. The layout of the shelves is the main content of the layout of the business hall. The channel woven by the cargo frame determines the flow of customers. Whether it adopts vertical cross, diagonal cross, radial, free circulation or direct layout, it should be Reserve some flexibility for changes in business content, so that the form of shelf arrangement can be adjusted as needed. Therefore, all kinds of shelves in modern comprehensive shopping malls are in the form of combination, and only some franchise stores use a small amount of fixed form. The distance between the shelves should ensure the smooth flow of passengers, and it is not a problem for small stores to set shelves against the store door. , large food stores, department stores, clothing stores, etc., it is necessary to calculate a reasonable distance according to the flow of people formed by the scale of the store and the volume of the business varieties. Generally speaking, the main channel should be between 1.6 and 4.5 meters. , the secondary channel shall not be less than 1.2-2 meters.

Due to the different characteristics of the shape, volume and value of various types of goods, it is bound to put forward different requirements for exhibition and sales equipment such as Light duty boltless shelving, in order to achieve the best display effect. Designing shelves according to various types of commodities is an effort in the current business hall design. The particularity of commodities is mainly reflected in whether they can be stacked, hung, vertically, horizontally, or in bulk, etc. Some commodities are more sensitive to temperature and light. For sensitive products, glass refrigerated shelves should be used. Some precious commodities have special requirements for the safety measures of the shelves. Some commodities that can be directly contacted by customers should be designed to provide sufficient convenience for customers.

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