The Advantage of Flexible Storage Equipment Cantilever Rack

Many customers are not familiar with storage shelves, they will fall into the misunderstanding when choosing cantilever shelves, thinking that hand-cranked and electric telescopic cantilever shelves are upgraded products of fixed cantilever shelves, and they must be better than fixed cantilever shelves. In fact, when choosing storage shelves, the following aspects should be considered.

industrial cantilever shelves
industrial cantilever shelves
  1. When choosing a storage shelf, you must first consider the applicability, which should refer to the size, size, specification, weight, etc. of the stored goods.
  2. Storage space size. The fixed cantilever rack needs to reserve a forklift channel, while the telescopic cantilever rack uses the truck to store and store goods, and does not require a forklift channel. If you need to improve space utilization, it is recommended to use the telescopic cantilever rack.
  3. Auxiliary equipment. If the enterprise use warehouse to store vehicles, it is recommended to use the latter when choosing between fixed cantilever shelves and telescopic cantilever shelves. Of course, there are many factors to be considered.
  4. Funding. The cost issue that every customer will be concerned about, the cost of electric telescopic cantilever shelves is higher than that of hand-cranked cantilever shelves, and the cost of hand-cranked telescopic cantilever shelves is higher than that of ordinary cantilever shelves. It is recommended that you first understand the approximate cost budget, and then choose a suitable product.
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