The Advantages and Disadvantages of Shuttle Pallet Racking

In modern logistics storage, Heavy Duty Pallet Racking have become a lot of types. They have different pallets and equipment, and form different forms of storage of goods. Loaded with more, carrying capacity, high degree of automation, or has a variety of functions and a suit. Radio Shuttle Racking Systems is a high-density storage system of shelves, shuttles, and forklifts that can increase warehouse space utilization by more than 80%, giving customers a whole new storage option! Since the launch of shuttle car shelves, has been favored by many customers, and why more and more customers will choose shuttle car shelves? Pallet Racking mainly benefits from the storage experience that shuttle car shelves can bring compared with Pallet Racking.

radio shuttle racking
radio shuttle racking

Advantages and disadvantages of Radio shuttle racking systems

Radio shuttle racking from the surface of some similar to drive-in racking system (drive through racking), but compared with it, there are a lot of beyond. They all use forklifts at the same time, but the shuttle shelf is just a forklift to put the goods on one end of the shuttle shelf, then the steps to the shuttle truck; The through-through shelf requires a forklift to enter the inside of the shelf for loading and picking up operations. This reduces or avoids the possible damage to the shelves. And from the storage capacity, obviously has higher storage advantages than heavy shelves, press-in shelves, gravity shelves. Although the through-through shelf is also a dense inventory method, it is slightly lacking in stability and security compared with the radio shuttle racking.

  1. Floor area ratio. In the warehouse with the same area, the floor area ratio of Heavy Duty Pallet Racking is 34%, and the floor area ratio of radio shuttle racking is as high as 75%. The floor area ratio of radio shuttle racking is twice that of Heavy Duty Pallet Racking.
  2. Access method. Heavy Duty Pallet Racking can only meet the single access mode of FIFO or FIFO, while shuttle car shelves can achieve two access modes. Thus more suitable for food, medicine and other higher access requirements of the industry.
  3. Efficiency. Compared with Heavy Duty Pallet Racking, radio shuttle racking does not need to enter the inside of the shelves to access goods, and one worker can operate multiple shuttles at the same time, greatly reducing the waiting time of operation, so that the work efficiency has been greatly improved.
  4. Safety. radio shuttle racking structure is very stable, in addition, shuttle car inside the shelf access goods, forklift only need to operate outside, to avoid the impact of forklift on the shelf, so as to ensure the safety of personnel and equipment.
  5. Cost. The biggest advantage of radio shuttle racking is their automated storage mode. And in the field of automated storage, compared with comprehensive automated stereo library, in the construction cost is also more advantages, in many small and medium-sized enterprises, for upgrading the original, or build a better storage shelf system, shuttle shelf system in the cost of relatively more advantages. In the terminal controlled shuttle system, FIFO OR FIFO functions can be selected flexibly according to the actual situation. And because of its automatic design and operation advantages, it is very suitable for the use of cold storage and other extreme warehouses, in order to reduce personnel activities as much as possible, improve the actual work efficiency.

The technical difficulties of radio shuttle racking One of the core parts of the radio shuttle racking is the shuttle car, which is also the main part of its automation. Because its operation is controlled by remote terminal, it is very important to ensure its normal communication and achieve long-term operation within the range of design distance. In addition, other parts of the shuttle should be coordinated to ensure the overall effect. The acquisition of such high-tech devices requires a partnership with a strong technology company to ensure that they work together on the shelves and adapt to warehouse and inventory requirements. Due to the high investment cost and subsequent maintenance cost of the system, a professional and reliable service team may be required for maintenance.

Based on the characteristics of the above view, shuttle shelves is an ideal automatic warehousing equipment, but relatively industrial pallet racking, it has a more sophisticated system building, to get the shuttle shelves and shelves of more appropriate installation, need more appropriate storage equipment manufacturers, with the close communication and consultation, on the basis of consensus on perfecting the custom details, etc., To be relatively perfect.

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