The Electrostatic Spraying Processes of Heavy Duty Racking System?

The surface treatment process of heavy duty racking system occupies an important position in the production of shelves. It directly affects the appearance quality and service life of the shelves. BR RACKING will explain the electrostatic spraying process of heavy duty racking system in detail.

rack supported mezzanine floor
rack supported mezzanine floor

The electrostatic spraying process of epoxy resin powder for heavy duty racking system includes: thermal degreasing (degreasing) — pickling (rust removal) — thermal phosphating or passivation — automatic spraying — high temperature curing — cooling — picking up — packing The surface is pre-treated (degreasing, rust removal and phosphating, etc.), and then automatically sprayed.

Heat the powder coating on the surface of the workpiece to 180±5 degrees, and keep the temperature for 15 minutes to make it level and solidify, and the falling powder is recycled and reused by the recycling system.

The entire electrostatic spraying process is conveyed by a hanging chain to reduce the impact of impurities in the air on the surface of the workpiece, which is conducive to digital operation control and stable control of various processing parameters, and can ensure the surface quality of various shelf products.

The surface treatment is not allowed to mix impurities and particles, and the color difference phenomenon is strictly controlled.

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