The Main Points of Custom Storage Mezzanine Floor Racking

With the rapid development of various industries, large enterprises have an increasing demand for Heavy Duty Storage Racks For Warehouse and higher requirements for warehouse racking. In order to better adapt to various warehouse environments, you need to pay special attention to some small details when purchasing warehouse shelves, so what aspects should you pay attention to when purchasing mezzanine floor racking systems.

In the design of mezzanine floor racking systems, the compression capacity of the warehouse floor should be considered first, and multi-layer mezzanine floor racking systems will cause a lot of pressure on the ground, so this is very important. It is also necessary to know the height of the warehouse, which means that the height of mezzanine floor racking systems can be built.

Product size and model, product specifications will determine the choice of shelf type. Products of different weights require different shelves. The storage method of the warehouse, whether it needs storage equipment such as forklifts. If a forklift is used, Warehouse Storage Racks Manufacturers need to consider forklift dimensional data when designing. The rack needs to have enough carrying capacity to ensure that the forklift can run on the rack.

Regardless of whether the goods need to be FIFO or FIFO, there are corresponding shelf types for different purchase orders, so this is also one of the factors to be considered.

The stability of Rack supported mezzanine has always been one of the important issues in the design of steel structures. The wide application of shelf steel structure system highlights the importance and urgency of stability research. There are many uncertain factors in the design, construction and use of warehouse steel structure, so it is necessary to carry out reliability analysis.

When choosing storage racks, you must choose the racks that suit the characteristics of your warehouse. So before buying, be sure to prioritize overall planning, or let the expertise of Warehouse Storage Racks Manufacturers tailor it for you. In this way, your warehouse utilization will be greatly improved, and the probability of future problems will be minimized.

processing technology. The forming of the black parts of the shelf should go through several stages such as degreasing, anti-rust treatment, normalizing treatment, phosphating treatment, passivation treatment, electrostatic powder spraying, and high temperature drying. The quality of the powder is good or bad. Usually each shelf comes in a standard color, and the cost of coloring is usually low. If a unique color is used, changing the powder will increase the construction period and waste powder, so the cost will be relatively high.

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