The Production Processes of Heavy Duty Pallet Racks

Heavy duty pallet rack shelving belong to the rough processing of steel, which is mainly processed from cold-rolled and hot-rolled sheets. How does a piece of steel become a storage shelf with beautiful appearance, large bearing capacity and strong stability? Below we will explain to you the production process of heavy duty pallet rack shelving.

Carton Flow Pallet Racking
Carton Flow Pallet Racking

The first step in making heavy duty pallet rack shelving is rolling. The function of rolling is to roll a steel strip of a certain width through a die to cut out the desired shape of a certain length, such as warehouse storage racking metal shelving columns, beams, etc. This is a very important step in the manufacture of warehouse storage racking metal shelving.

The second step is positioning and punching. The heavy duty pallet racks will position and punch the rolled material at a specific specification position according to the actual needs, such as the inverted eight holes and diamond holes of the heavy duty pallet racks, and the horizontal diagonal braces. round holes, etc.

The third step is bending, the heavy duty pallet racks has steel plate, then the steel plate needs to be bent, the main purpose is to effectively fix the steel plate on the beam, and secondly, it can effectively enhance the bearing capacity of the steel plate.

The fourth step is welding and grinding. If the material parts of the storage shelves are all processed, it is necessary to weld some positions of the storage shelves, such as columns, foot pieces, beams, grippers, etc. After the welding of the storage shelves is completed, it is necessary to polish the position of the solder joints, which can not only effectively enhance the beauty of the storage shelves, but also improve the safety of the heavy duty pallet racks.

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