What are the special requirements for pharmaceutical industry shelves

wire decking for pallet rack
wire decking for pallet rack

According to the requirements of the pharmaceutical industry, various special pharmacy store shelves have been developed to meet the various requirements of the pharmaceutical industry. According to the different development stages of customers and the specific layout requirements of the warehouse, we will explain in detail the special requirements for warehouse shelving units in the pharmaceutical industry.

The requirements for the warehouse shelving units of the pharmaceutical warehouse are strict and standardized. On the basis of a certain scale, the pharmaceutical warehouses must be placed on the shelves, and the pharmaceutical warehouses must be well ventilated. All products cannot be stacked directly on the ground, or placed on pallets. Only the pharmaceutical warehouse is qualified to approve the pharmaceutical sales business license.

Commonly use heavy duty racks, forklift delivery, and laminate shelves. Heavy duty racks are usually placed in 2~3 layers according to the design height of the warehouse. The pallet size is commonly 1100*1100 and 1200*1000 plastic pallets, and the other warehouse shelving units, the common specification is 2000*600*2000 and four layers high, and the board can be adjusted up and down arbitrarily.

For retail pharmacies, the storefront entrance should not be less than 1.8 meters, and the store area should not be less than 60 square meters. The storefront display shelves are usually high cabinets against the wall, and the front row is a glass transparent counter. The height of the counter shelf is 90 cm, and the bottom is 45 cm. It is a locker body. The upper front is generally beveled glass, which is transparent and easy to see. The store area requirements are only for reference.

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