Which Heavy Duty Storage Racking Are Evolved From Pallet Racks

There are many different types of racking equipment in the heavy duty pallet rack shelving industry, but in fact, many types of storage racks are evolved from the same rack, that is, pallet racks. Let us explain in detail which storage racks are made of heavy duty pallet rack shelving.

racking manufacturers
racking manufacturers

Heavy duty pallet rack shelving are also known as beam racks, which are characterized by the storage of goods through pallets, so we often call them heavy duty pallet rack shelving. The main components of heavy duty pallet rack shelving include beams, column pieces and pallets, and there will be some mechanical equipment used in conjunction with them in the warehouse.

Heavy duty racking is an important branch of pallet racking, and it is also a pallet rack that is currently used in the market, mainly because the heavy-duty rack has a good load-bearing capacity and can store a large amount of goods.

In addition to heavy duty racking, there are also many storage shelves such as drive through racking, narrow aisle racking, and gravity pallet racking. These shelves are transformed from heavy duty pallet rack shelving, but these shelves have different functions.

Some racking are used to improve the utilization of warehouse space, some shelves are used to improve the work efficiency in the warehouse, and some special storage shelves are used to store some specific products.

Shelves with different functions are very good to meet the needs of various enterprise customers, which is undoubtedly of great benefit to the operation and development of the market. Moreover, the emergence of intelligent storage shelves in recent years has further improved the status of shelf equipment in the market. In the future, with the promotion of automated shelves, shelf products will gradually become irreplaceable equipment in warehouse management.

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