Why The Warehouse Racking Need Regular Inspections?

Warehouse pallet racks are widely used storage equipment in modern warehouses. Regular inspections, timely detection of problems, and problem solving are an important prerequisite for the safe use of racks and an important measure to extend the service life of pallet racks. Imagine if the shelf could have been used for ten years, but after regular inspection and proper maintenance can be used for another year, or even a few years, it must be profitable.
Warehouse Pallet Racks regular inspection items:

pipe storage cantilever
pipe storage cantilever
  • Check the tightness of the pallet racks bolt connection.
  • Check the connection between the beam and the column for damage.
  • Check the degree of bending deformation of the guide rail and the flatness of the guide rails at both ends of the channel.
  • Check the deformation degree of the corbel, whether there is cracking and whether it is level with the ground.
  • Check the condition of the bollard for damage.
  • Check whether there are scratches on the surface of the shelf parts and so on.
  • Check the stability of the shelf and check the stability of its force.
  • Check the verticality of the shelf to see if there is any inclination.

The significance of regular inspection of pallet racks:

  • Find abnormality and damage in time, handle and replace it as soon as possible, and maintain the stability of the shelf.
  • It can appropriately extend the service life of the pallet racks and maximize the use value of the racks.
  • Eliminate various problems and avoid threats to the integrity of the personal safety of the goods.
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