7 Layer Angle Steel Shelves Warehouse Racking Garage Shelving

Light duty storage rack commonly known as angle iron shelf, is a long strip of steel with two sides perpendicular to each other.


Introduction of Light Duty 7 Layer Shelving Unit

  • Garage storage racking 6-tiers are ideal for light/medium and bulky items.
  • Fully assembled structure
  • Size from L500xW300mm to L1500xW500mm
  • It can be adaptable to all kinds of spaces: offices, warehouse and garage etc.
  • Adjustable shelf heights

Advantange of 7 Layer Angle Steel Shelves

  • The most commonly used, of all storage systems for palletised goods.
  • Various colour, size, layers for you choose.
  • Transfer function can be achieved by adding universal wheels at the base of storage shelving unit
  • Save your storage space and maximized your storage rate up to 80%!
  • Anti-rusty and waterproof surface treatments.

The structure of the Light Duty Slotted Angle Racks: The structure of the angle racks can be mainly divided into three parts: the laminate and the column. There will be various hole types on the column. The installation is very convenient, and it can be disassembled later, which is convenient for enterprises to adjust the racks to store different goods.


Angle Post 35*35mm, Angle Post 36*36mm, Angle Post 37*37mm, Angle Post 38*38mm, Angle Post 40*40mm


1.5mm, 2.0mm

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