Adjustable Shelves Long Span Shelving Steel Shelf Rack

Medium Duty Long Span Shelving: It is mainly composed of uprights, pallets and board, with no beams design.It belongs to a combined structure of buckles.

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Medium Duty Long Span Shelf Racks: It is mainly composed of uprights, pallets and board, with no beams design. It belongs to a combined structure of buckles. The board are steel with reinforcing ribs welded below. The hole spacing on the column can be adjusted with a pitch of 50mm. it is more suitable for storing metal components and widely used in the manufacture industry. The specifications of the medium A-type shelf rack are as follows.

Introduction of Adjustable Long Span Shelving

  • Suitable for storage of boxes,carton,metal components
  • Highly efficient use of warehouse space.
  • Lock-in step beam, steel or wooden panels.
  • Easy to disassemble and assemble
  • 200-800kg capacity per layer

Advantage of Long Span Shelf Rack

  • Fully improve space utilization
  • Manual handling, storage and picking operations.
  • Flexible in order to any kind of item quantity, pounds or dimension
  • Longspan Shelving can be decked with particle board, wire decking, Zinc steel panel, rolling metal decking making them ideal for any loading environments.

Specifications of Warehouse Longspan Racking

Material: High-grade cold rolled steel Surface: Powder Coating
Storage solution: Manual Layers: 3-7 layers
Pallet capacity: 1500kg/pallet Pallet depth: 168mm-1216mm
Service: Welcome OEM & ODM Certification: CE, SGS, ISO9001

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