Heavy Duty Industrial Multi Storage Warehouse Pallet Racks

Mezzanine floor pallet racking are divided into medium duty mezzanine floor racking and heavy duty mezzanine floor racking

mezzanine racking design

Mezzanine floor pallet racking are divided into medium duty mezzanine floor racking and heavy duty mezzanine floor racking

Medium duty mezzanine floor racking: The shelf infrastructure adopts medium duty shelf columns. The rack supported meezanine floor adopts a special floor, and the floor adopts an interlocking structure. Support beams are erected under the floor slabs.

The specifications of the medium duty mezzanine floor racking column are: 60*50*1.5mm or 70*50*1.5mm. It is made of high-quality strip steel, automatic rolling mill, punching punching, and then cutting according to the height specified by the customer. The column bracket and the connecting beam are made of high-quality cold plate bending and punching.

The specification of the mezzanine floor racking column is 90×70×2.0mm special heavy duty racking column. The beam adopts cold-rolled p-type closed beam, and the specifications are: 50×30, 64×40, 80×50. It is a standard product specially produced for shelves in the cold-formed industry. After repurchasing, cut the material according to the customer’s size, weld the shelf to connect the special column, and grind it to form a semi-finished product. After all shelf parts are produced, the final shot blasting machine is required to remove oil, rust, and surface spray. After completion, it can be packaged and shipped.

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Introduction of Rack Supported Mezzanine Floor

  • The rack supported mezzanine floor is a unique shelf that uses the shelf as the floor support and divides the warehouse into 2~3 spaces up and down.
  • Equipped with stairs and cargo lift
  • Columns, main beams and sub-beams adopt optimized sections, with good load-bearing performance and stable overall structure
  • Suitable for high warehouse, small goods, manual access, and large storage volume.
  • Dimensions are customized

mezzanine floor racking

Advantage of Mezzanine Floor Pallet Racking For Warehouse Storage

  • Installation of Mezzanine floor pallet racking is very simple and fast
  • Easy to sort, easy to pick up, fast, solid structure
  • Highly efficient use of warehouse space
  • Self-supporting structure without any support from building or civil structure

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Specifications of Rack Supported Mezzanine Floor

Product details Mezzanine Floor Pallet Racking
Material Q235 Cold Rolled Steel
Color Column in blue and orange Beams
Treatment Electrostatic spraying and acid phosphating treatment
Load capacity 1000-5000 kg (or customized)
Size for reference
Feature Corrosion Protection
Styles heavy duty storage rack





Blue&Orange, Customized


Customized, L5000*D9000*H3000mm, L5000*D9000*H6000mm, L5000*D9000*H9000mm

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