Storage Cage With Wheels

Storage cage is a kind of logistics container that is more common in enterprises now, and it is stored and turned around in the warehouse workshop of the enterprise.

The storage cage is welded by cold-drawn wire, and the bottom is welded by U-shaped channel steel, commonly known as “iron frame”.

What are the common styles of storage cages?

4 more common storage cage styles:

1. Folding storage cages, with conventional sizes of 0.8m, 1m, and 1.2m, are usually available in stock.

2. Storage cage with wheels, the bottom of the storage cage is equipped with casters, usually two swivel casters, two directional casters with brakes. This type of storage cage is generally used in factory workshops, and can freely move around on flat ground such as warehouse workshops.

3. Shelf storage cages, storage cages use square tubes and are made into a Sichuan shape. The pallet-like style can be put on the shelf directly, and it is a hot-selling product of our factory.

4. Hollow board storage cage, the 5 sides of the storage cage are paved with hollow boards, which can isolate and buffer the internal products and prevent the products from falling.

No matter what type of wire mesh container, it can be folded when not in use, effectively reducing the use of warehouse space.

In addition to the more common storage cages in the above 4, there are other types, such as storage cages with covered nets to prevent goods from falling, easy to sort goods, and plastic-sprayed storage cages with plastic-sprayed surfaces, etc.

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