Storage Cage with Wheels

This wire mesh container is equipped with casters at the bottom of the storage cage, and a mesh (cover net) is added on the top of the storage cage, which combines the advantages of the wheeled storage cage and the covered mesh storage cage, that is, it can be moved on flat ground such as the company workshop. , and can prevent the goods from falling out during mobile transportation.

The size of this wire mesh container is 800*600*640mm, the mesh size is 50*50mm, and the wire diameter is 4.8mm, which is the size specification of a conventional standard storage cage on the market. It is equipped with small five-inch nylon casters with a diameter of 100mm, which can store about 500 kilograms of goods. The cover net of the storage cage is welded with L-shaped hooks (generally welded with U-shaped hooks) to hook the front net.

Metal Bin Cage FOR STORAGE 

Overview of Roller Storage Cage Covering Mesh:

1. Storage cage size (mm): 800*600*640 (50*50) 4.8

2. 5-inch nylon casters with a diameter of 100mm

3. The bearing capacity is about 500 kg

Features of wheeled storage cage with covered net:

1. It can move freely on any flat ground (workshop, factory building).

2. During transportation and turnover, it can prevent items from falling out easily.

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