Warehouse Storage Shelves

Hardware accessories warehouse is often encountered by shelf companies. Hardware accessories refer to machine parts made of metal and some small hardware products. There are usually many types and quantities of hardware accessories, most of which are small in size and weight, and are suitable for manual storage and retrieval. Therefore, the warehouse storage shelves commonly seen in hardware accessories warehouses are heavy duty pallet racking. The heavy duty pallet racking has a beautiful appearance and a strong carrying capacity. It can also be stored in parts boxes, etc., and is easy to pick. It is deeply loved by customers.

So besides warehouse racking solutions, are there other options for the hardware accessories warehouse? Of course there is. In order to make full use of the warehouse space, many companies will also choose mezzanine floor racking, so that the upper space of the warehouse can be fully utilized. Compared with laminate shelves, mezzanine floor racking has more inventory, which saves the cost of the enterprise.

Sometimes considering that the hardware accessories that need to be stored are slightly larger or have irregular shapes, some changes or adjustments will be made to the bottom support shelves. The bottom support shelf is replaced by a cantilever shelf from a shelf shelf, which facilitates the storage of a ring hardware accessory of the company. Compared with the shelf shelf, the cantilever shelf is more convenient to store this ring hardware accessory, and can be used in the same space. Store more of this ring metal accessory.

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